Thursday, May 13, 2010

III Spelling Bee - EL Fontanal Tenth Anniversary

Hello everybody!

Next Thursday May 20th students and teachers at I.E.S. El Fontanal will be celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of our high school. There will be different activities, sports, shows at the theater... during t
hree days (19th, 20th and 21st of May).

The English Department will organise the III Spelling Bee, a funny and interesting way of proving you are good at spelling. There will be 2 different contests, one for Primer Ciclo (1º and 2º ESO) and another one for Segundo Ciclo (3º and 4º ESO). You can review the vocabulary lists for each level and you can also have a look at the rules and the recommendations here.

There will be great prizes for the winners!!!

To have a look at some advice:
Algunos Consejos Para El Concurso de Deletreo

To check the rules of the Spelling Bee:
Spelling Bee Rules

To review the Word List for primer Ciclo:
Listado Primer Ciclo

And to review the Word List for Segundo Ciclo:
listado segundo ciclo

Here you have got the chapter in which Lisa Simpsons participates in a spelling quiz. The video is in Mexican because I couldn't find it in English. I hope you like it. You can learn more about Spelling Bees.

Good Bye.

...and Good Luck to everybody!

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